Trauma Informed Community Approach
Adams County, Pennsylvania

Funded by a VPP grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

What is Trauma Focused Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)?


"TF-CBT is a conjoint child and parent psychotherapy approach for children and adolescents who are experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties related to traumatic life events."


Adams County’s Trauma Informed Community (TIC)


The trauma informed subcommittee of the Adams County Children’s Roundtable, a project of Respective Solutions Group, has a mission to provide all stakeholders in the community with information on the causes and impact of trauma through education and access to trauma informed or specific interventions/services.


Adams County’s Trauma Informed Community (TIC) effort defines trauma as “an event or multiple events in an individual’s life that affect the individual in a way which alters their ability to cope with everyday life."   


“We believe that the benefit of the TIC approach is that through engaging many stakeholder groups, we as a county-wide community can better meet the needs of individuals who suffer from lasting results experienced as a result of traumatic life events and shape our communities to support healing and resiliency building.”


Objectives for this approach include:


  • Every citizen can give a compassionate response to a traumatized person.

  • Everyone views trauma through the same lens: schools, faith communities, treatment centers, community centers, law enforcement, courts and county offices.

  • The initial response to problematic behavior is: “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?”

  • Families and Children engaged in services will be provided with trauma sensitive and supportive perspectives from the professionals they encounter.

  • Trauma will be a consideration in legal processes/treatment coordination/provision of services and services plans.

  • Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and preventive-intervention will provide a scientific approach to assessing needs and supporting individuals in trauma/with symptoms of traumatic stress.


Where can I find a TF-CBT trained therapist in Adams County?

Call our referral line at: 717.339.6015 or call our partner agencies to reach our trained therapists.


Hempfield Behavioral Health: 717.221.8004

Andrea Dolges*, Beth Shipley, Joy Hutchingson


Solace: 717.817.1093

Nicole Lizinger*


Phoenix Counseling Services, LLC: 717.778.1030

Tish Weikel*


True North Wellness: 717.632.4900

Betty Snyder*, Amanda Evans*, Susan Abele*, Kady Storm, Jenna Bicknese


PA Counseling: 717.337.0026

Kate Rutland*


*Therapist is Certified in TF-CBT

All other therapists are working toward Certification in TF-CBT

To learn how to become a Trauma-Informed Professional, please visit Trauma Informed Adams County.

Meaningful Coincidence and Life Purpose

By Luc Watelet


The Trauma work we are doing in Adams County has really shaped the pathway for therapy and the work of our individual therapists.  As we look forward to Luc Watelet’s visit on June 25th to the Gettysburg area it is interesting to know more of his path and how we plan to reflect on our own.  In working through self-care, discussions with our therapy team, and reflections of the history of the region where we do our work it comes to mind that truly caring for one’s self requires that we incorporate our work and our path—but that our work life and professional lives can have boundaries.  We can carry ourselves into our work, but retain who we are and our work retains the identity of the client.  Please join me in reading from Luc’s work on Synchronicity as a reflection of Carl Jung.  Join me also in welcoming Luc on June 25th to our community. 


In good health~ Andrea Niedererr